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Canvas material trolley What are the advantages and disadvantages

- Jan 09, 2018 -

You may be at the train station, the terminal, the airport to see or personally experienced such a thing, this is the assistant's trolley case has broken in the halfway, became the cumbersome journey, so relaxed and happy travel Into people in embarrassing way.

The development of the suitcase has a long process. Nowadays, the main thing is the suitcase. Due to its large capacity, convenient use and easy labor saving, it is loved by many people. According to the different needs of people, the suitcase is made of different materials, for example Shorter two to three days, you can choose from canvas, Oxford cloth made of a more lightweight soft case, and long-distance long-distance, you need to choose from PC material and ABS material more rigid hard case, etc., then choose What material trolley suit more for themselves?

Canvas material trolley case
Canvas material Trolley box is multi-strand woven thick fabric, with a thick, feel stiff, fast-wear characteristics, canvas material Trolley color is uniform, the surface is bright, but also has a waterproof, canvas material Of the trolley, no matter how good abrasion resistance, but the shortcomings of airtight Oh! What is the material for the trolley case, each has its own advantages Oh!

ABS plastic material trolley case
ABS plastic material is a new material of thermal vacuum forming, what good material is the trolley case, is now the most popular trolley case, which is characterized by lighter materials, flexible, rigid, and can withstand a lot of impact, so that your Trolley box items are not damaged, it seems this ABS plastic trolley case is very fragile, in fact, its flexibility and hardness beyond your imagination, most people stand on the above no problem, but this trolley also has shortcomings , Is prone to scratches, it is best to use with your suitcase when you use, the problem is very easy to solve!

PC material trolley case
Can be said PC material trolley case is the most solid box, the surface is smooth, nice, lightweight, but also the market now the most commonly used, the most popular trolley case, with anti-fall, impact resistance, waterproof, wearable, stylish, PC material has Outstanding impact toughness, high heat resistance, cold resistance, limited weight in the baggage of the moment, a lightweight box is that you have to consider the conditions! No matter how good the material trolley case is also a disadvantage, the disadvantage of the PC material trolley case is afraid of grinding, fear of pressure, afraid of planning, as long as proper storage of this kind of material trolley case, the box is very worth mentioning Oh.

Oxford cloth material trolley
Oxford cloth material Trolley belong to linen material, is a very wear-resistant material, is a wide range of new fabrics, special for the production of various types of bags, light texture, soft, waterproof, good durability , And linen material relaxation, anti-static advantages, the disadvantage is that you do not have to worry about the box will bring harm, as time increases, the surface will be a little worn, with a few years of feeling or the same as the original, with such materials Trolley Case as a portable boarding box will be a good choice for you!

PU leather material trolley case
Pu leather material is made of artificial leather bag pu material, the advantages of this box is the material with the cowhide looks very tall, not as scared as the luggage, the disadvantage is not wear-resistant, not strong enough, but the price is low Many women travel short-haul will be more like.

PVC material trolley case
PVC material is injection molded hard case material, anti-fall, impact resistance, waterproof and wear-resistant at the same time, but the biggest drawback is bulky, always 20 pounds or so, in general, many airlines are limited to 20 kg, which is Said box weight accounted for half, but as a hard box material is also very good, anti-fall, impact resistance, waterproof, wear-resistant, stylish, is the box of the most solid material, the surface is smooth and beautiful, it will not be due to Brutal handling worried about scratches or broken.

Aluminum alloy rod box
Aluminum alloy trolley case features durable, wear-resistant, impact-resistant properties, the useful life of the box itself can be more than five years, the aluminum alloy is one of the points, there are also grouped, the price fluctuates according to the weight, it Compared with the general luggage, the price is more expensive than the average trolley case.

PP material trolley case
PP material trolley belong to the same color both inside and outside, there is no inside, mostly PP material, PP material is to adapt to the needs of the era of industrialization, in order to save labor costs developed by the product, its development costs are very expensive to use Years longer, all spare parts are equipped with special, can not be modified, are the professional brand capable of development and production of the company, which is characterized by impact resistance, good waterproof, filled with not filled does not matter.

After reading the above material introduction, you have their own ideas for the selection of trolley case, choose a suitable box from the brand, material, size, price and other four areas combined with their own needs, it is easy to Choose a suitcase for their own, and the holidays are coming soon to choose a favorite trolley case, to a walk away!

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