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Computer bag how to hang trolley case

- Jan 09, 2018 -

User questions on the network, can be placed on the trolley on the package called? Some users want to customize can hang in the trolley on the computer bag, so that staff travel use. How to hang that computer bag trolley case? Here's a look at it together.

1. From the trolley design. Trolley case is designed with a design, is accompanied by a trolley case bag, you can put the bag in the bag. This bag is similar to ordinary wash bag quality, although convenient, but the load-bearing is not high, and easy to shake with the movement of the trolley, affecting personal walking.

2. Change from the computer bag. Laptop bags have a back of the storage layer, and now many brands will remove the back of the storage layer, designed to tie rod special sleeve, or directly in the storage layer and then design a zipper, you can store can also be inserted in the trolley case Take away with you. However, note that both the storage and the insertion rod can not be operated at the same time, and can only become the storage layer when the rod is not inserted.

3. Computer backpacks and handbags can adapt. In order to make EVA computer bag can also travel together with the trolley case, excellent luggage designer for the computer backpack plus an extra burden, handbags are also able to adapt. Not only can travel together, but also with the storage can not afford to conflict, and can adapt to any trolley.

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