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How to choose a suitcase?

- Jan 09, 2018 -

To buy a trolley, should be selected according to actual needs. First of all, according to the specific situation to determine the size of the trolley to choose the size of the luggage, if you are going out to fly, then carry the box must not be greater than 20 inches, otherwise it can not carry with you, it must For shipping procedures.

Surface: smooth, smooth, no design outside the joints, no bubbling, no bare edges.
Lane: Whether it is the choice of textiles or leather products, the color should be coordinated with the package. Lining more joints, pins should be fine, not too large.
Strap: an important part of the package, but also the most vulnerable part. To check whether the stitching on the strap, cracks, see the dorsal belt and the package body is solid connection. All kinds of bags should pay attention to the strap, and backpacker will pay more attention to the carrying capacity of the strap and firm, in the selection of special attention.
Hardware: As a package of external decorations, the finishing touch. Select the package, the shape of the hardware, workmanship should be very careful, such as hardware was golden, be sure to consult whether it is easy to fade. Like a trolley case, cosmetic case with the handle of the bag, we should pay attention to it.
Line: Whether the use of open or dark line sewing package, the length of the needle should be uniform, and no thread exposed, pay attention to whether the stitching without wrinkles, whether the lines have come to see if there is a thread head place will cause the package Cracking.
Glue: Select the package, be sure to drag the parts, see whether the adhesion of plastic is strong. In particular, some of the more fashionable bags, because good-looking style, good decorative objects, it will be very attractive eye, but if these accessories do not join the very strong, it lost its characteristics.
Zipper: Check the surrounding lines are tightened, and the package is natural. In particular, some key wallets, cosmetic bags and the like will store more hard stuff bag, but also pay more attention.
Buttons: Although it is an unobtrusive accessory, it is easier to replace than zipper, so you should pay more attention when choosing. Such as CD packages, purses, which will often open and close the package, the choice should pay attention to the practical availability.

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