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The luggage is a good orientation wheel or a good universal wheel

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Everyone in the choice of pulling the trunk, there is always a problem, that is, do not know why coexistence of two wheel directional wheel and four wheel caster? Is it necessary to always choose four wheels?

In fact, the main difference between them is the structure.

The simple structure of the two wheels, wheel orientation, usually half buried in the box, and the entire box connected tightly. In the case of quality clearance is almost impossible problems.

The use of four caster boxes, are fixed at the bottom of the box, the wheels are small, the connection at the fine, relative to the two rounds of the box, under the same volume it is much higher than a lot. Relatively speaking, the four wheels in terms of quantity or quality, the probability of a problem is much greater.

In addition, the general material of the universal wheel box is plastic or metal, because it is symmetrical around the force, the requirements become higher, unlike the directional wheel box, with the rod that side do sturdy, the back of the use of textile fabrics on the line.

Because of the different structures, the most intuitive place is the price, good quality 22-inch directional 2 rounds are generally 350 +, and universal 4-round 22-inch fly in 550 +.

Tractor box aspects:

1. Leveling the ground: directional wheel box oblique pull, more difficult, especially heavy things heavier burden. The universal wheel box is four-wheel translation, very labor-saving.

2. Ramp: Both boxes should be cable-stayed, luggage brand Description Directional wheel box General axis of the wheel is coincident with the box lever, a little more effortless than the universal wheel box. However, there is a detail, the steering wheel box can be directly pulled up, and if the universal wheel to lift over the hurdle to use two wheels to pull, it is likely that the wheel is sliding on the ground rather than rolling friction, it is annoying.

3. uneven ground: directional wheel box pull extremely bumpy, universal wheel box because there is no inclination but more difficult.

Stacking aspects:

4. General casters than the steering wheel box heavy, it is very difficult to raise.

5. General casters than the directional wheel box high, the need for space position.

6. Within Public Transportation: The caster box must be tipped over, otherwise the vehicle will bump, brake, and accelerate to run around (the caster case with brakes is more expensive). Directional wheel box certainly comes with brakes.

In general, two wheels have a larger wheel size than four wheels. And two wheels are fixed wheels, four wheels are universal wheels.

Therefore, the stability of the two wheel box far better than four-wheel box, if your box is the total weight is expected to exceed the size of 23kg, taking into account the center of gravity of the box, two-wheel box is preferred.

As for caster boxes, it is more suitable for small pieces of luggage and a smooth surface. These tiled places in the airport can be dragged without effort and are very comfortable.

In summary, if the road along the way smooth, do not need too much walking, you can choose four wheel box; but if it is to drag the box on the kind of gravel road, or two wheels!

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