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Travel clothing storage and folding skills

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Travel always inevitably such a scene, apparently do not look into the trunk of the complex luggage, some people always put the luggage to the box, and some people full of boxes, opened but not too useful thing. Although small suitcases, but if used on the admission method, it can be unlimited capacity expansion.

Travel clothing storage skills

Category admission is basic
If you want to use a word to explain the essence of storage, it is "classification." Suitcases in a variety of storage bags, clothes, shoes, bags and all kinds of debris installed in different categories, easy to find time to use, packing up less space.
Optional accessories, accessories (resin zipper head) are environmentally friendly materials; can be easily coat, underwear, shoes, chargers and toiletries summary classification, so that each item in the suitcase has its own exclusive "home." Including large clothing bags, small clothing bags, underwear bags (two), shoes bags, power cord bags, three-dimensional comb bag. Easy to find easy to pick and place, really you order the gospel of mad.

Folding clothing tips
The same amount of clothes, different storage space occupied by very different. There are a variety of online space saving tips on the package, the bottom of the box first put the shoes and rolled trousers and other heaviest items, and then to be wearing underwear rolled into a tight tube, and then will be rolled up Light weight clothes code on the second floor, the lightest clothes and underwear rolls are placed on the third floor. Finally, the cosmetics and handbags on the top, slightly adjust the position, you can shut the box.
With this method, the trousers, such as jacket trousers and the like, can be properly stuffed into a medium-sized trunk, which is king by cleverly folding the trunk to make use of the trunk space.

Magical vacuum shrink bags
Autumn and winter travel, clothing often accounts for the "most of the country," which, vacuum bag can be a good solution to this problem.
The clothes into the shrink bag, sealed with a suction tube exhaust, clothing instantly reduced volume, a large vacuum shrink bag, can hold four or five jackets, down jackets or leather garments. Many girls go shopping inevitably, in order to make the trunk more space available, with such a vacuum bag is necessary.
The only inconvenience is that the vacuum bag need to carry the suction tube, if more than people can travel with only one pump share a few people.

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