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Trolley case for cleaning and maintenance

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Travel back, not only to organize the mood, used trolley also need proper cleaning and maintenance, to ensure that the next use of the various components are completely easy to use. Then next, just follow Xiaobian together, pack the box properly!

The basic cleaning of the box surface
First of all, we do a basic cleaning of the trunk of the trolley case. The way of cleaning the hard case and the soft case is slightly different.
Hard case Currently on the market are common hard case material ABS, PP, PC, thermoplastic composites, etc., this material is relatively simple and convenient to clean:
Wipe off the dust with a damp cloth and gently wipe it back and forth with a clean, soft cloth moistened with detergent on the case until the dirt is clean.
After using detergent rinse rinse and then wipe the box to avoid detergent residues.

Soft case Soft box material is generally canvas, nylon, EVA, leather, etc., different materials need to use detergent is also different.
1), canvas, nylon, EVA material: You can use a damp cloth or viscose roller brush to clean the surface of the dust.
Tips: Clean canvas, nylon and other textile materials should be woven along the fabric surface texture gently scrub, too hard may be as early as fabric surface fluff, after cleaning should try to use a wet cloth dampened with water or soft brush to remove the box Body surface residual cleaner.

2), leather material: the need for specialized leather cleaning agent, the market there are many similar products to choose from, and these products are generally done once cleaning and care, do not need more maintenance, but it is best not to use the belt Leather care products with colored ingredients Clean luggage.
According to the instructions of the leather care and cleaning agent, use a clean soft cloth to wipe the surface of the box evenly. If it is found that there is a slight leather fading on the soft cloth, the grease and ink stain on the leather can not be removed. Do not scrub repeatedly to avoid damaging the cortex .
Reminder: No matter what kind of box surface cleaning can not use volatile solvents, clean the soft case with detergent is best not to be inconspicuous at the detection of whether it will cause serious discoloration of the box. Scratches or depth scratches on the surface of the enclosure can not be removed during cleaning.

Stains clean
After the basic cleaning, check the box for any stains, especially the soft case that is more likely to be dyed.

【Dust】 Cloth bags are easy to collect ash during travel. Therefore, dust is regularly cleaned with tools such as vacuum cleaners, but you can not use the brush head to cling to the cloth to avoid the stolen goods from leaving the cloth surface.

【Grease】 products available in the cleaning detergent can directly scrub the oil stains, if not black, red and other dark colored fabrics available detergent light brush; pure white fabric available dilute bleach (1:10 dilution) directly with a toothbrush oil stain Department, you can remove.

[Sticker on the box] There are several ways:
1), blowing hair dryer against the stickers, so the stickers become hot, you can easily get rid of. Erase the eraser again and then better.
2), Sprinkle a few drops of essential balm on a hot towel. Then cover the sticker, cover for a while and then slowly rub it with a towel and fall.
3), if it is plastic or metal surface, you can use a cotton swab coated with a little cooking oil, and then get it all over an hour down; if the suitcase is cloth, iron steam spray for a while, then tear it easily Down.

Internal / parts cleaning
Trolley interior cleaning work is relatively simple, use a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth can be.
Metal parts inside and outside the box is best not to use any cleaning agent to wipe, and after cleaning with a dry cloth to dry the metal parts, to prevent damage to the outer coating or oxidation rust.
Check the bottom roller, handle, lever, lock, remove the stuck debris and dust, found damaged parts should be promptly repaired Oh, the general major luggage brands are provided repair and replacement parts service, do not try to repair.

1), the bottom of the wheel in accordance with the actual situation a little oil lubrication, to maintain its smooth, add a little lubricating oil at the wheel axis to prevent rusting.
2), before storing the trolley case for a long time, the inside of the box should be kept dry to prevent mold and odor inside the box. If you use a damp cloth to clean the box, but also to be dried before closing the lid.
3), the dried flowers or wardrobe dehumidification supplies into the trolley case, and then cover the best storage, however, but do not use mothballs, because mothballs will destroy some of the fabric fibers, lace and clothing to damage the fixed strap.
4), it is recommended not to use the trolley luggage as a storage box, store too much clothing will make the wheel or foot long-term overload pressure and deformation. Box clothing straps, partitions should maintain a relaxed state, if the elastic stretch for a long time will lose its elasticity.
5), keep the trolley bag is closed during storage in a good state to prevent the deformation of the lid connection. Password lock and keyhole should be adjusted to the initial position, to avoid forgetting the password for subsequent use. The rod retracted into the box, not to use the rod as a drying rod or hanging items.
6), to be clean and dry cabinet, the plastic bag or dust bag can be used to completely wrap the trolley, storage should be wheel or foot pad to keep the cabinet upright, not flat, side or upside down, otherwise the modeling box Body deformation or can not open and close smooth.
7), the trolley storage location should be away from high temperature and humid environment, to avoid sun exposure, keep ventilated and dry, do not stack items on the trolley.

Well, perfect placement, and then plan the next trip it!

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