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Trolley material introduced

- Jan 09, 2018 -

ABS This is a relatively new type of material, but also more popular fashion materials, the main feature is lighter compared to other materials, the surface is relatively flexible, rigid, impact-resistant and better protection of the items inside, although the feeling of soft touch Strong, but in fact is very pliable, the average adult standing above no problem, cleaning more convenient, the disadvantage is easy to scratch, but the box will be a lot better box.
Oxford cloth is a kind of similar nylon, the advantage of wear-resistant, practical, shortcomings are stereotyped, in the airport is not good to distinguish between luggage, but also heavier, but the consignment of what do not have to worry about the box will bring harm to use a few years The same is true, with the increase of ABS over time, the wear and tear of the surface, it may take a few times to show a long time.
PU leather, as its name implies, is made of artificial leather pu. This kind of box has the advantages of leather like, looks upscale, but not as scared of water like luggage, the disadvantage is not wear-resistant, not very strong, but the price is low. Canvas fabric of this box is not very common, but the canvas, the biggest advantage is the same with the Oxford cloth is wear-resistant, but the disadvantage is that the impact resistance is not as good Oxford cloth, canvas material is uniform, the surface may be bright . Looks good. Over time, there is an old and unique sense of the vicissitudes of life.
PVC is what we say hard case, like a tough guy, anti-drop, waterproof, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, fashion, can be said to be much stronger than ABS, is the most solid box, the surface is smooth, good looking, Brutal handling worried scratches. Because it will not be obvious. The biggest drawback is that Shen, 20 pounds at every turn, to know that many airlines are limited to 20 kg, which means that box weight accounted for half.
Leather In general, the leather is the most expensive, there is no price, is also more expensive, afraid of water, afraid of grinding, fear of pressure, fear of planning. However, as long as it is properly kept, the box is very worth mentioning price, the use of leather is not environmentally friendly ah, remember that there is no harm to the sale.
In general, depends on what you do with tourism, or if married, suitable for ABS, good-looking, but also to distinguish between the baggage, due to light weight can also be more loaded things. If moving, suitable for use with Oxford cloth or PC (PVC), anti-fall, wear-resistant. Abroad, or go to school, suitable for abs, can be more loaded things and can be used to make recommendations wardrobe. Put something useful. In addition to the general appearance of the box, also divided into 2 rounds, 4 rounds (caster). In addition to 4 rounds can be pulled, but also can be flat push, more suitable for smooth ground, effort. 2 wheels suitable for the general road, and wheel life longer than 4 wheels.

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