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What is the boarding box, and the trolley What is the difference?

- Jan 09, 2018 -

What is the boarding box
The boarding box is a kind of trolley case, but the trolley case may not always be boarding. The so-called registration box is only less than the provisions of the airline can carry the luggage directly with the plane. More than this size must go to the check-in counter baggage. So the so-called boarding box refers to a certain size range of the trolley.

The concept of ordinary trolley case is more broad, ranging from small, may not be able to carry the plane. But now domestic flights carry the size of the luggage trolley and not very strict inspection, generally not too large but larger than the size of the registration box can be brought up.

1: The boarding box is not necessarily as light as possible, it is important to be strong, because you may want to check it in. but:
Economy class adults and children passengers can check two pieces of luggage free of charge, each sum of three sides of not more than 158 cm, the sum of the two pieces of luggage shall not exceed 273 cm, the weight limit of each baggage is 23KG; First Class passengers, Cabin passengers can check two pieces of baggage free of charge, the sum of each side should not exceed 158 cm, the weight limit of 32KG. In addition, you note: "the sum of the three sides" is not the circumference, but the length + width + height.
If one side exceeds 4 cm, but the whole did not exceed 158CM does not matter. Wheel generally not.

2: Checked things if overweight, is in accordance with "kg / ticket full price X1.5%", that is: If your ticket is 2000 yuan, then more than 1 kg is 30 yuan!
Now IATA's "best size" proposal is expected to ease the embarrassment of passengers. IATA recommends that the carry-on baggage size be no larger than 55x35x20 cm, which is slightly smaller than allowed by Easyjet, Ryanair, ThomasCook, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways (BA) size of.

IATA said they are assuming more than 120 seats in the aircraft, each passenger with a trunk on the machine, luggage can also be placed just right, no one would not let go, to set the size of this proposal.

Tom Winmuller, IATA senior vice president for airports, passenger, cargo and security, said the change "will help resolve inconsistencies and passengers will feel better."

"FlightGlobal magazine editor David Learmount said:" Change is already happening. Low-cost short-haul flights charge large luggage and many people therefore bring everything they need into the cabin instead of throwing it Checked and then baggage at the airport. Companies like Ryanair have completely changed our habits. "

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