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According To The Material And Price Trolley Case Classification

- Jan 09, 2018 -

We know that the common classification of trolley case is the material and price, common materials are leather, pvc, knitting, price, then the need for comprehensive brands, specific materials to work to consider, the following simple to understand the brief introduction under the trolley classification.

Trolley as a travel and go out of the tool, to bring people to travel convenience, most people do not understand the variety and classification Trolley, today we give a brief introduction, hoping to give the majority of friends a little when buying trolley case help.

According to the use of trolley case material classification
The basic can be divided into the following categories: leather materials, knitted fabrics and plastic materials (usually pvc).

Leather material is divided into:
Artificial leather and natural leather, in general, the price of natural leather trolley case is relatively high, the price of artificial leather is lower, leather trolley easy to clean and maintain, but easy to scratch during use. General leather trolley case belongs to the high-end products.

Knitted fabrics like trolley case,
Generally used nylon material, nylon fabric scratch resistance, scratch resistance, but prone to static electricity, dust adsorption, cleaning is too much trouble, but also exposed to strong light for a long time, will greatly shorten the service life.

Leather and knitwear Trolley cases are soft Trolley case, and plastic material Trolley case belongs to the hard Trolley case, the general plastic materials are after stamping and shaping of the plasticized plastic than leather and knitwear Trolley resistance to extrusion, But the plastic trolley case style less, the majority of friends can choose according to their own needs suitcase.

Trolley case according to price:
Divided into high-end, mid-range, low-end, the general market price of 500 yuan are high-end products for high-end people choose to buy the price of 200-500 yuan for mid-range products, mid-range products for the general consumer groups and white-collar workers School students, 200 yuan for the low-end products, low-volume sales, accounting for more than half of the total consumption.

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