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Boys Choose What Brand Of Luggage Box Is Better

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Boys choose what brand of trolley is better? Men go out for business, office, business will use the suitcase, men's trolley what brand is good? Men choose Trolley Case have to see what is the use, what personal preferences, as long as good quality, what brand is not so important. Xiaobian below to analyze the men's luggage under the brand.

First select the trolley case, first select the rod of course to choose built-in, the material must be steel or high-strength aluminum alloy rod. The bags of the best fabric is rain, such as the current PC bag material, anti-drop compression, temperature is the preferred material of the trunk box. Trolley wheels of course, rubber, more wear-resistant, the more popular day is the wheel is a number of international brands exclusive wheel, 360-degree universal mute rotation.

Travel abroad or business trip, if by size is a large luggage and small luggage two large luggage is our most commonly used trolley case, the size is generally about 22 is enough, and the trolley brand is divided into , The world has a new beauty, Louis Vuitton, diplomats, love Wah Shi, IAC, the domestic brand is divided into hankers, passenger mover and so on. Among them, the domestic brand Hanbin pure PC material, equipped with silent caster, high-strength aluminum alloy rod, high cost, you customers can be worth considering.

Trolley case is our most secretive partner, will seem more important. If you are after the pursuit of quality of life, these brands are enough of your choice, if you want to ensure the quality of the words, then what brand is not much necessary, the general can be.

  • White Hardside Luggage
  • Patterned Hardside Luggage
  • Pink Luggage Sets
  • Business Carry on Luggage
  • Airplane Carry on Luggage
  • Soft Sided Carry on Luggage

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