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Custom Trolley Box You Need To Know The Following

- Jan 09, 2018 -

As a caring employee, it's really necessary to customize a fashionable and durable trolley case for employees' purchasing, so that employees can travel without worries and show off the high force of the enterprise! If you are planning to customize the trolley case, then you must know!

Trolley cases are usually divided into two major categories of soft box and hard box, most of the soft box canvas, nylon, EVA, leather and other materials, most of the hard box ABS, PP, PC, thermoplastic composites and other materials, made of different materials Box, its characteristics and uses are not the same.

Custom trolley company procurement should first pay attention to the budget and purpose, according to budget and use to choose the most suitable material. If you suggest you can choose hard case. Although the hard case of higher prices, but more durable and high grade, but also has high temperature, wear resistance, impact resistance, waterproof, compressive characteristics, suitable for employees to go home or travel by the end of the year.

If the company's budget is limited, custom soft box is more appropriate choice. Soft box has the advantage of light weight, toughness, compact appearance, but its waterproof, compressive, impact resistance than hard, it seems lower than the hard case grade. However, the external design of the soft box diversified, readily put some small items outside the pocket, ductile, more suitable for short trips, or as a portable boarding box is also a good choice.

When purchasing custom trolley case, the size of trolley case can not be careless. The size of the trolley determines the capacity, while the capacity affects the trolley's usefulness. At the same time, Trolley Case is also related to Trolley Case whether boarding. In general, checked luggage length, width, height should not exceed 158 cm, carry-on luggage can not exceed 115 cm.

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