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Dilemmas And Tips For Business Travel

- Jan 09, 2018 -

New York, London, Zurich, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai ... Mandarin Oriental, Waldorf, Shangri-La, The Ritz-Carlton, Kempinski ... always accompanied by a series of sounds fascinating destinations and five-star Class hotels, business travel looks superb on the surface. In fact, often business travelers will face some difficulties.

The reality is often the opposite for those who need to travel frequently on a job-by-job basis, and frequent business trips can be physically and mentally compromised.
Frequent queues, flight delays and lonely dinners are the true portrayal of most business travelers. As far as Paris, Tokyo and other cities to participate in the extra allowance, more like a business traveler's body and emotional costs of compensation costs.
"Business travel really makes people love and hate." Brian Whitney, an NCR executive, has been on the road for business for at least six months of the year.
"Business travel makes you feel charismatic and rewarding, but in the meantime it's also important to balance your personal life, career development, and marital status," he added.

The other side of the business trip you are not familiar with is actually this:
1. Tired traveler
A recent study in the UK has attempted to unveil the glamor of business travel and expose the less attractive aspects of business travel to the general public. The article, ADarkerSideofHypermobility, explains in detail the lives of business travelers from multiple perspectives, including physical, psychological, emotional, and social costs.

Mostly emotional loneliness is mostly emotional loneliness
"If your friend went to work in Sri Lanka and posted a beautiful photo on Instagram that you would have been sitting at a desk, you might stop to think about it: If I could play on my business trip, it would sound like Not bad. "ScottCohen said he is associate dean of the University of Surrey's School of Tourism Management and one of the authors of the study." The landscaped sides of business travel make it totally invisible to most people The other side. "

Cohen believes that people tend to become silent and tired travelers in the subtle influence of the uninterrupted and unfixed lifestyles of business travel.

"If you fly 85,000 miles a year, the equivalent of seven distances from New York to Tokyo, you've already surpassed the safety limits of radiation exposure." He added, "In addition, the time lag disrupts your inherent pace of life with Over time, there will be more chronic harm. "

2. lonely dinner
Medical experts say it is hard to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine because of the need to travel frequently on a job-by-job basis. And there's medical research that shows that long-haul flights increase the risk of deep venous thrombosis.
However, for most business travelers, the hardest part is emotional loneliness, keeping them separated from their families and communities for long periods of business travel.
"It's impossible for a person to be alone on the road for a long time," says Brian Whitney, who admits he often has lost emotion because of this emotional isolation.
"You'll go through a lot of ups and downs in business travel - important meetings, great successes and unique experiences. Sometimes you reach and enchant with people who forget about places, but you will soon realize that there is no People can share this happiness with you.
Whitney has accumulated 1.6 million miles of miles on Delta and has traveled Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia only this year.
"I had a six-year-old daughter, and we had a problem, and before each business trip, she always looked at me and told me, Dad, I do not want you to go," he said.
The dizzying schedules of executives mean his wife has to run the whole family alone, and in a sense this is the life of a single mother.
"I was always on the road to business, either in Dubai or Adelaide, and could not afford to face various things with her, taking risks together and taking care of her emotions. No one had to process bills, and she had to Do it all on its own, "he added.

Business trip addiction
With the technological advances in the society today, people can hold video conferences with their colleagues thousands of miles away anytime, anywhere. But why in some specific industries, business travel is still so common?
For some business people, this is because the money driving force - business travel is an integral part of their job and they are even afraid that if they reject it, they are likely to lose their jobs. But for some business people, business travel is addictive.
The advent of social networks has provided a way to excel in the public eye. Business travelers can tag their destinations on Facebook, compete against their peers, and find more places than anyone else.
The loyalty programs of major airlines and hotels are also attracting business travelers to persevere in accumulating points, and each rising to a new level can be seen as an achievement.
"They gamified this entire system so that you really want to win badges and win the Diamond Medal," Whitney said.

So, when should a career as a business traveler stop?
"As long as they let me do that, I will do it all the time." He said, "We did it to get the business where we meet our clients, try our best to sell and to close the deal, and we do not mind long-term business travel.
Walking into a conference room and walking into an airport give me the same feeling - I think this is my world, my site. "

Attachment: Business Travel Tips
1. Develop a travel plan
Poorly planned trips may encounter problems with aircraft delays or hotel stays. These conditions can create enormous stress, which in turn consumes a great deal of energy.

2 light battle
Light-loaded save time, can save such as baggage certification procedures, customs security and other troubles. A backpack plus a basic carry-on suitcase is the perfect combination.

3 make good use of smart phones
Have a travel app installed on your phone and carry a mobile power pack. Many of the current APP can help you master the weather, traffic conditions, choose food and ground transportation, make travel more perfect.

Stay healthy
Business travel, due to fatigue and the time difference, pay attention to health is particularly important. Moderate exercise, proper rest and drink plenty of water are beneficial.

5. Careful
Before the business trip should be carefully understand the company's cost policy, so more targeted, so business travel more readily available, the return of the business trip will be more smoothly.

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