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How To Buy A High-quality Shopping Trolley In The Mall

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Trolley case is now a must have in life, fashion consumbles, but in the mall how to identify the quality of Trolley Case, we should have their own methods, the following summarizes some ways to make it easier for everyone to choose their own Heart Yi's luggage products.

1) plastic head: Plastic head is generally refers to the leather strap or leather bag glued part of the joint is generally thicker parts, in the production process to use this part of the glue to achieve cohesion, a good factory is imported Gum, small smell, more environmentally friendly, while the other looks more transparent, generally transparent red, plastic part of the head looks very muddy, it must not be a good product!

2) Hardware and zipper: Hardware is to judge an important criterion, the general good shiny metal hardware bright, no glitches, especially the zipper, zipper manufacturers feel good pull up smooth, lubrication is a little bit of strength. Generally good manufacturers bags are imported glue, less acidic volatile material, the metal will not change quickly, genuine general hardware 1-2 years no significant signs of fading, A super bag if the general good factory Hardware can also be used for six months or even longer.

3) Modeling: The so-called shape refers to the style of each bag-specific appearance and curve shape, the higher the fine imitation of the shape of the bag better and authentic close, if you have not seen the real thing, it does not matter, you can see Some special parts of the bag, such as: arcs, sharp corners, clamshell, symmetrical parts, three-dimensional shape parts, provincial roads, and so on. In addition, we must also observe the coordination of these parts of the trolley bags and the bag, the overall sense of better, indicating the better version,

4) Lining: This is also a judge luggage quality is a very important factor, often low imitation, this is not good, because many people have not seen the real luggage, but most people look at the appearance to judge, seldom pay attention Inside the details, most of the A goods are the wrong version, and some super A goods will be wrong version, but relatively less, because the real fine imitation bags are genuine bags to break the plate, in addition to The material may be difficult to copy, the general inside the compartment, the shape will be copied according to the original, this is also a super A cost is not the same reason. In fact, have not seen genuine luggage friends to see this part of the judge is not difficult, as long as you pay attention to see the lining of the material just fine.

5) to see: look is to look at the appearance of qualified friends can spend on the version, or find a clear picture of the site or book, here is best not to find some foreign 2 handbags magazine than, so inaccurate . Another manual and stitch, the specific criteria you can only judge the eyes, unless you can find experts or experts in the next to explain. The more pleasing the quality of the luggage.

6) touch: feeling the feel of the material bag, the better the general feel the better the material, (not here to say that the softer the better Oh) Some models are hard materials, to see the style, The same is true, but as long as it is genuine, or better Super A goods, the more they use the more soft leather, there will be very nice shiny look.

7) smell: If you feel very pungent taste it is not what good goods, the more pungent is not good goods, poor leather will have a pungent smell of pu leather, the other, the bag making process To use a lot of glue, a good manufacturer of super A goods are imported glue, generally no pungent taste, there are genuine and good imitation of the material is better, smell a bag of light Of the fragrance, usually by the discoloration of volatile perfume, good LV old leather itself also has a unique flavor, if you smell the smell is not good, then it shows, hey, is not a good thing it!

8) Special Accessories and Markers: Each Ambassador bag has its own special logo with unique marks on different parts (mainly on the pull rod), but most of the friends are indistinguishable, this is a lot of high imitation manufacturers to deceive customers Oil, they always let you see these parts of the bag, you see coding? You see, even the TSA lock is there, you see this part of the Ambassador brand mark it, in fact, even he could not say the reasons for these models for each style, I can not say it out, how many ambassador Ambassador luggage Style ah? Every year, the new style will scare you, not because they have these marks on the box is super A or genuine, in fact, many wrong version of the location is not the same, then how to distinguish between good and bad, very simple! General signs are printed on the aluminum bar in the top, you just look at the marking of the clarity of the mark as well as the level of detail can be judged mark it, as for some small accessories such as TSA lock, zipper slider, etc., you can also see Look how the appearance? How is the process? Tag is not very fine, you can determine a probably.

9) packaging and identity card: tag, in fact, if you know the expert, the main is not to look at these, you can see the dust bag on the general good bag dust bag quality Ye Hao, experts take the goods before the unpacked Look at the dust bag to know what the goods, and generally resist the bag in order to save costs are relatively poor dust bag, a good dust bag price is not low Oh. Do not mind what card is not card, what care book, are accessories wholesale market, there is not much difference, that is advertising cheat outsiders.

10) Weight: In fact, this is the most easily overlooked, of course, the average friend do not know or do not pay attention to this method, generally only the experts know, is also very simple, under normal circumstances, ultra-fine imitation bags and genuine The weight is similar, the luggage may not be easy to distinguish, but the hardware style such as aluminum box and a large zipper box is obvious, if the material is very close, the hardware is also very good, so the weight should be similar to low-grade goods under normal circumstances ABS, PC materials and hardware are better than genuine or really fine imitation bags to be much lighter.

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