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How To Choose The Right Trolley Rod And Roller

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Trolley rod and wheel trolley is the process of choosing Trolley box need to pay attention to a detail, in addition to the common materials and structures to understand, but also one thing is to understand the different structure of the function and excellent
Shortcomings, so as to make the right choice, the following for everyone as a reference.

As people travel increasingly convenient way, the use of trolley case becomes more and more popular. Trolley rod material is generally aluminum alloy or steel, the structure is also basically divided into a
, Two truncated, three truncated. Two cut-off, three cut-off, is the rod can be adjusted according to the weight of the box length. When purchased, the lever must be purchased built-in type, and the material is made of steel
Or all-aluminum, all-aluminum is light and very sturdy, otherwise it is hard to forbid barber loading and unloading, in addition, also have to look at the other configurations of the trolley case, such as the retractable button is set
No more humane, pull the bar when the pull is convenient and smooth and so on.

Roller material is usually rubber, wear-resistant shock absorption, noise. It has built-in, there are external. External, and can scroll in any direction of the wheel, usually called "million
To round. "Pu Knight professional aluminum frame trolley case, based on the general direction of the wheel to strengthen the improvement of wear resistance is 10 times the ordinary bearing high-carbon precision bearings in Germany, even if the box
Into more things can also be a smooth pull, quietly forward, walking flexible, no jamming, no deformation. And learn from the basic principles of aircraft tires, creating a very good grip performance, enough
To carry more weight.

The benefits of "Caster" is the trolley in the process of running, with your body can move freely and freely change direction, but its drawback is not too good when checked
Brutal loading and unloading.

Zipper in the pull together when there is no smooth enough without stuck, should also be considered as one of the important indicators. However, usually larger zipper gives a more secure feeling, do not like the zipper closure can choose to lock the closure. Aluminum frame trolley case is used TSA customs code lock, more than 40 countries, exit and worry-free. Double lock gives dual protection of trolley case, 1 million password combination makes you safe and reliable.

Lever shake is normal, this is because:
1. The link between the pull rod and the pull rod is actually a spring button.
2. Large rod tube Small rod tube structure, the middle there will naturally be some gaps, or two rod tube will not pull out because of contact too tight. There is a link between the built-in lever and the spring
A plastic ring sets, but also play a stabilizing role.

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