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Travel Trolley How To Buy?

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Trolley travel in our lives will be used by everyone, its usefulness, for our travel, travel, moving and so on. Is the most popular travel out of household items. Because it can be pulled, saving us a lot of effort. There will be a lot of price deviations for the trolley suitcases, which are mainly related to the size, functional use and even the brand of the travel trolley. That travel trolley price is how much? What are the shopping trolley points? Here let the trolley brand Xiaobian to introduce.

Travel trolley features

Aluminum alloy is made of pure aluminum by adding some alloying elements such as aluminum-copper alloy, aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper superhard aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy with light weight, low cost, mechanical (by the intensity of uniform) features, there is easy processing of aluminum and a high degree of heat dissipation. In particular, the engine part of the vehicle is particularly suitable for use with aluminum alloy materials. As for the majority of the computer chassis is made of aluminum - copper alloy. Mainly consider the issue of heat dissipation. Because copper and aluminum are produced by extrusion, the cooling performance is quite good, and even some high-end CPU water-cooled fans use this material. If it is military, the first choice to ensure that the solidity, aluminum - zinc - magnesium - copper superhard aluminum alloy is preferred.

Trolley selection skills:

Tip 1: The nature of the trip determines the style and design of the trolley case. Business travel should choose a laptop or printer with a simple style, easy to carry public documents, these boxes due to small size can generally carry; of course, if only a simple traveler, then choose the suitcase or trolley case, They are all capable of pulling, lightweight and labor-saving, especially like the shoulder can not carry the hand can not be mentioned, must not add to their travel or find trouble for others. By the way, the horizontal trolley is particularly suitable for passing narrow aisles.

Tip 2: The length of travel time is proportional to the size of the trolley case. If the travel time is less than a week, pick up a trolley case and a carry-on bag that can be placed on the luggage rack of the cabin (the size of the carrying case must not exceed 56cm × 36cm × 23cm) Whether there is a special design that can be hung in the trolley case, which can be more energy saving); if the journey is more than a week or a large number of transit times, choose a large hard case or horizontal suitcase is appropriate.

Tip 3: Carry different suitcases for different travel destinations. For example, to go to Hong Kong must take a large trolley case, but also or oversized case and then set a small trolley case, because there is shopping paradise. If you go to France, the wonderful wine does not bring back some? Then put on the hard case, because it can be in external shocks, the protection of the items inside the box is not easily damaged.

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