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Trolley Box Is Broken How To Do Trolley Box Maintenance Methods

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Trolley box is broken how to do Trolley box maintenance methods

Trolley box maintenance First, the rod

When the telescopic rod can not be smooth, should not brute force pull out or income, forced force will lead to the stick easily stuck, when the stuck when the average user will continue to be brute force, this will only make the lever more card more dead , Resulting in unusable, delayed travel. The correct method should be to join the rod joints oil or vegetable oil, after lubrication basically this problem is very easy to solve.

Trolley box maintenance Second, the pulley

Pulley stuck, loose off. Trolley trolley towing if you feel the pulley has a clear sense of instability, this time also should be to the wheel bearing drip lubricants. Whenever the wheels are loose or fall off, do not continue using the damaged wheels to drag them to the wheels on the other side or go directly to the suitcase. If possible, use appropriate tools to tighten the wheel screws. Screws can not find the words fall, look at the site near the luggage repair who did not or store, it is easy to find what you need.

Trolley box maintenance Third, the box

When the box is broken, things are often worse. If it is hard case, the damage is only a small burst, not serious, you can use the market some of the universal adhesive, AB glue, self-repair. The cracked soft box, need to find repair shop for sewing. Need to weigh is that the brand box after the choice of repair, I am afraid no longer warranty.

Trolley box maintenance four, zipper

Zipper cracked things is also a common problem, according to the capacity of the luggage placed on the luggage, not too much than the carrying capacity of the box, ride or shipping process bumpy bag easily zipper collapse, if these things happen, you can use the buckle Needle temporary response. Go out with a few pins, just in case it.

When you encounter your own can not handle the damage, please decisively put the trunk to the luggage repair shop trolley repair, general passenger dense place can find Trolley box repair shop. Many brands of trolley provide perfect after-sales service, if conditions permit, please go to the appropriate store trolley repair point. There is no shop and trolley repair point conditions of friends, you can buy some accessories online, do it yourself to the beloved luggage maintenance replacement is also possible. Note that the terms of sale, if serious damage to the box to see if the conditions are met.

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