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Trolley History Of The Development

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Travel usually used trolley case, do you know when it was invented? Trolley first wheels or first rod?

In fact, the trolley case appeared much later than most people think. Let's take a look at the history of trolley case

do you know? Until 1991, trolley case was invented. So before, how do you travel?
 Let us go back to see. Around the 1980s, almost every household was a large suitcase, and people used it to carry luggage.

In 1972, the trunk with wheels appeared, it came out much earlier than the rod.

Arriving in 1991, Adele Fendi provided the airport staff with a custom-made case that addressed the difficulty of flight attendants running around.

Today, the trolley has a more beautiful and humane design. Caster design, allowing the level of 360-degree rotation caster, towing more lightweight, you can also push through the narrow aisle. Box material is more sophisticated and practical. Bump stripes shape increases the friction, so that the box more impact-resistant, but also more simple and stylish.

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