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What Is The Difference Between The Aluminum Frame Trolley Case And The Zipper Trolley Case?

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Early on the market there are two types of aluminum frame trolley case and zipper trolley case, and perhaps do not understand what these two different friends, the next content will be briefed on both the structure and characteristics On the difference.

What is the aluminum frame trolley case

Aluminum frame trolley case is connected to the upper and lower parts of the luggage is an aluminum frame, the general aluminum frame trolley case made of PC material, the overall use of aluminum frame luggage will be more solid, but also can be used as travel in the portable Chair, tired, you can sit on it, do not worry about aluminum frame will be deformed.

What is the zippered trunk?

Zipper trolley case refers to the upper and lower parts of the zipper is a zipper, zipper trolley case can be leather, canvas, it can be a PC, zipper trolley suitcase overall material type than the aluminum frame to use more, its use The situation needs to be based on the quality of the zipper. Better quality zipper use of time will be longer, it is best not to sit on top. The same material zipper and aluminum frame trolley case, aluminum frame trolley case will be more expensive.

Aluminum frame trolley and zipper trolley different at

1, the first is different in material, aluminum box trolley case is more pc material, so the overall luggage will be more solid. The zipper trolley case is more artificial leather, canvas, these materials, so the overall more soft.

2, the price of aluminum box luggage will be more expensive than the zipper. The appearance of the aluminum frame trolley case looks more stylish, in particular, there are color aluminum frame trolley case.

Aluminum frame and zipper trolley which is better?

Advocating fashion young men and women choose aluminum frame trolley case is a very good choice, while the zipper trolley suit a bit older age groups, in any case, like what kind of election on the right!

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